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Effective 8/21/2023, Outfitting Services will run daily from 8am-3pm, weather permitting.

You MUST return before dark. 

Price includes shuttle, use of tube/canoe/kayak/paddles and life jacket.

No reservations. First come, first serve.

Cash, Major Credit/Debit cards & Apple Pay accepted. No checks, please.

No Styrofoam or Glass on the River!


Tubing Rates

Take a three-to-four-hour leisurely float from Albany back to Sweet Minihaha Campground. 


$20 per person, $18 per person with paid campsite (wristband is required for discount)

Cooler Tubes:

$10 per cooler tube.

Holds standard size cooler to make it float down the river for your snacks and beverages!

Canoe & Kayak Rates

Using our equipment? See below for pricing.

Own your own canoe or kayak? We will transport you and your boat for $10 per person (minimum of $30). Boats only for this fee.


Notice: You MUST register in our office BEFORE using our landing if you have your own equipment. A wristband is required to exit at our facility. You are considered trespassing without one. Prices are subject to change. 


Albany to Sweet Minihaha Campground

1- and 1/2-hour paddle

$30 kayak rental

$35 2-person canoe

$40 3-person canoe  

Quick and easy trip for anyone down the picturesque Sugar River. You may even catch a glimpse of the eagle in her nest! (3 miles)

Hwy EE to Sweet Minihaha Campground

3-hour paddle

$35 kayak rental

$40 2-person canoe

$45 3-person canoe  

A bit longer trip, but worth it!

Paddle across Albany Lake, portage the Albany Dam and float through the state wildlife area. (5.5 miles) 

Attica to Sweet Minihaha Campground

6-hour paddle

$40 kayak rental

$45 2-person canoe

$50 3-person canoe  

Trip must depart before 10 a.m.

An all day trip with a little challenge. Enjoy all of the scenes from our 6 to 8-hour trip, use your problem-solving skills to steer around obstacles and strainers (downed trees). (10.5 miles) 

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